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Football & Cheer

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Elk Grove Youth Football & Cheer Leagues

Elk Grove Youth Football & Cheer has teams in competitive and non-competitive leagues for kids ages 5-15. All experience levels are welcome! The playing levels are categorized by age/grade, not weight:

League Division Age/Grade
Competitive Tackle Football A:  8-15 (not HS)
Competitive Comp/Sideline Cheer G: 4 - 8
Competitive Jr. Comp/Sideline Cheer G: 2 - 3
Instructional Flag Football A: 5 - 7
Instructional Flag Cheer G: K - 1

For more information about each division, click on the Football Leagues or Cheer menu.

Your 2020 Elk Grove Youth Football and Cheer Advisory Board

Name Position
Jeff Smith President*
Robb Barrett Vice President*
Matt Berkowitz League Coordinator*
Melanie Gomez Secretary*
Dan DiMaria Treasurer*
Kari Thomas Cheer Director*
Sam Scianna Equipment Manager
Janis Coveliers Cheer Coordinator
Berenice LagrimasWays and Means
OPEN Field Manager

*Executive Board Members

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Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors from Elk Grove Youth Football & Cheer.

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