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Football & Cheer


Our Football and Cheer Program has been growing and we need your help to continue it's success.  Please consider joining our Football and Cheer Board.

The following Board Positions are up for Election:

  • Secretary
  • Ways and Means Manager
  • Ways and Means Coordinator
  • Equipment Manager

All interested persons should email their letter of intent to our secretary Mallory, at before November 13th.  You must specify which position you are running for. 

Elections will be held in January and terms begin in February.  


a. Keep the minutes of all meetings and distribute to the board and EGPD via email. Minutes will be approved at the beginning of the next general meeting
b. Prepare and distribute the agenda to the board and EGPD for review and post same to EGYF website
c. Keep and update yearly League timeline, distribute to Board Members and ensure timeline items are added to Agenda as necessary
d. Keep a register of the address, phone numbers and email for all participants and board members
e. Keep a record of participants and/or Board Members removed from the program and must pass this record down to the next secretary and notify the current President
f. Responsible for maintaining code of conduct records signedby parents and athletes
g. Responsible for attending and taking minutes/notes at Budget Committee Meeting
h. Responsible for attending and taking minutes/notes at Guidelines Committee Meeting
i. Responsible for keeping digital word version of Operational Guidelines; creating redline draft for presentation to Advisory Board; presenting Final version to Advisory Board and Elk Grove Park District and posting same on EGYF website


(Duties will be divided between Manager and Coordinator after Board Review)
a. Provide, sell and maintain merchandise and Concession stand
b. Provide, sell and maintain spirit wear
c. Provide to the EGPD an updated inventory of spirit wear at the end of the season
d. Coordinate with EGPD sales codes for POS system in concession stand for concession and spirit wear items
e. Remit all funds to the safe to be picked up by EGPD staff
f. Manage POS system in concessions and merchandise sales and provide end of day reports to EGPD
g. Supervise and recruit volunteers for concessions during home games and evening practice sessions
h. Run daily X report for deposits and monthly Z report for EGPD
i. Reserve all dates that require permits with the EGPD for use of their facilities, including grill permits
j. Provide and coordinate with EGPD staff a bank for sales transactions at concessions and/or merchandise sales
k. Track parent volunteer hours and report to EGPD for volunteer fee reimbursement 8
l. Close out register at end of day, fill out the cash receipt and get signature from an additional board member
m. Chair Tailgate/Homecoming Committee
n. Coordinate Annual Bingo Fundraiser
o. Coordinate League communications with Football Team Moms and Cheer Coaches


a. Recommend the purchase of football player equipment to the Board
b. Responsible for year-end inventory of player football equipment, including collection of player/coach equipment
c. Responsible for coordinating at least 2 uniform sizing events
d. Work with League Coordinator to maintain a spreadsheet with names, weights, uniform sizes and numbers and ensuring no two youth onthe same team have the same number
e. Responsible for maintaining equipment check-out sheets in coordination with the equipment manager
f. Responsible for sharing said spreadsheet with the League Coordinator prior to the deadline for the league
g. Responsible for ordering and distributing uniforms
h. Have knowledge of how to properly fit a youth with a helmet andshoulder pads and repairs of player equipment
i. Responsible for working with vendors for the repair, reconditioning, and replacement of player equipment after the season ends
j. Responsible for equipping each coach bag with a set of tools for repairs, water bottles, helmet pumps, kicking tees, shoulder pad straps, blocks
k. Secure appropriate amount of price quotes for uniforms and present to the board at the February meeting for a vote. See Purchasing Policy (in Advisory Board Manual) for exact details
l. Provide first aid and ice packs to all teams (football and cheer)

Elk Grove Youth Football & Cheer Leagues

Elk Grove Youth Football & Cheer has teams in competitive and non-competitive leagues for kids ages 5-15. All experience levels are welcome! The playing levels are categorized by age/grade, not weight:

League Division Age/Grade
Competitive Tackle Football A:  8-15 (not HS)
Competitive Comp/Sideline Cheer G: 2 - 8
Instructional Flag Football A: 5 - 7
Instructional Flag Cheer G: K - 1

For more information about each division, click on the Football Leagues or Cheer menu.

Your 2023 Elk Grove Youth Football and Cheer Advisory Board

Name Position Email Address
Jeff Smith President
Dan DiMaria League Coordinator
Mallory Uhlig Secretary
Mike Axberg Treasurer
Kari Thomas Cheer Director
Tim Doherty Equipment Manager
Janis Coveliers Cheer Coordinator
Berenice Lagrimas Ways and Means
Sam Scianna Field Manager
Ralph Souder Flag Football Coordinator