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Elk Grove Youth Sports Leagues

Welcome to the official website of the youth sports leagues of the Elk Grove Park District in Illinois! We proudly host several sports leagues with teams for youth ages pre-k through high school. Each league is administered by community volunteers who graciously give their time and energy. 

Our leagues are primarily recreational (house) but we offer a couple travel leagues available with teams for an array of age groups. Registration for each league is seasonal with some clinics and additional training options available for some sports.   Discover more about your child's preferred sport and be a part of the team!

Volunteer with Elk Grove Youth Sports Leagues

Running youth sports is a huge job! That's why Elk Grove Youth Sports teams and the Elk Grove Park District are thankful and proud of the services of all of the volunteers in our programs. Men and women who are dedicated to running our programs smoothly and enriching the lives of our children through sportsmanship opportunities and offerings.

There are many different volunteer opportunities available in our programs in these areas:

  • Coaching
  • Game Officials and Referees
  • Time/Goal Keepers
  • Youth League Board Members
  • Event Volunteers

Learn how you can make a positive impact on the lives of our youth through volunteering with Elk Grove Youth Sports Leagues by visiting the Volunteers page

League Registration

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All Ages Sports

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Contact Us

Elk Grove Sports Leagues

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