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2021 Softball Registration

Registration for the 2021 Season Opens December 1


While we are disappointed by the absence of our regular Winter Training Program, we are excited to announce that registration for the 2021 Season will open on December 1.  We are very confident that by spring we will be able to launch the season.  Any additional safety precautions with regards to COVID 19 will be taken and will have to be adhered to by everyone but based on the success we had in the fall we believe there will be a way to run the 2021 Season in a way that is very close to normal.


Discounted pricing for 2021 will be in place from December 1 through January 16.  Registration can be completed in person at The Pavilion (assuming it remains open) or online at  Below are the divisions and pricing for 2021:


Registration for the 2019 Elk Grove Girls Softball season is now open! You can register at the Pavilion or online.

Activity # Division

1/13/19 - 3/4/19

EGV Resident Non-resident
204213-01 Instructional (4Y Pre-Kindergarten) $70 $84
204213-02 Instructional (1st grade) $70 $84
204213-03 Ponytail (2nd grade) $145 $174
204213-04 Ponytail (3rd grade) $145 $174
204213-05 Sophomore (4th grade) $145 $174
204213-06 Sophomore (5th grade) $145 $174
204213-07 Junior (6th grade) $145 $174
204213-08 Junior (7th grade) $145 $174
204213-09 Junior (8th grade) $145 $174
204213-10 Senior (High School) * $145 $174

*Senior registration open until April 15, 2019.


If you are participating in the Ponytail, Sophomore, or Junior division AND are:

  • new to the Elk Grove Girls softball program
  • haven't participated in the past season of the program
  • moving to the Ponytail division for the first time

We will have an evaluation to determine skill level to help inform managers.

When: 1pm on Sunday, March 3, 2019

Where: Elk Grove High School Fieldhouse, enter Door #24

What to Expect: Bring mitt, bat, and helmet. Participants will complete a few drills including fielding, running, and batting

Know someone interested in joining softball? Let them know about registration, our Facebook page, and our website.

How to Register

Registration for sports leagues is provided by the Elk Grove Park District. If you already have an account with the Elk Grove Park District, the most convenient way to register is online. You can also stop by customer service at the Pavilion or the Al Hattendorf Center and register in-person.   

Create an Elk Grove Park District Account

If you do not have an account, then one must be created by visiting customer service at the Pavilion or Al Hattendorf Center to create one. Family Data Form and Proof of Residency must be provided.  Registration may also be completed during account creation. 

Each new account in the system will have to show the following:
Proof of Residency (Residents and Non-Residents)

Adults 18+ (choose one): Current resident utility bill, property tax bill, current drivers’ license or government issued ID, or Passport.

Dependent Children under age 26 (choose one): Birth certificate, health insurance card listing the minors, or Passport.

Read the full details of how to register for activities and create an account with the Elk Grove Park District.


Elk Grove Girls Softball provides the full uniform consisting of jersey, pants, and socks. Note: Shorts are no longer permitted during games.

Uniforms will be distributed prior to Picture Day.


Required equipment:

  • Mitt
  • Softball bat
  • Cleats (softball or baseball is fine; no metal spikes)
  • Batting helmet with face guard and chin strap

Optional equipment:

  • Fielder's mask - strongly suggested
  • Batting gloves
  • Gear bag or backpack

Not all equipment is required on the first day of practice. It may help to see what other players have or what is recommended by your manager.

Where can I buy these items?

Dick's Sporting Goods, Meijer, Play It Again Sports, Target, Walmart 


The Elk Grove Park District controls the fields. If it rains, they let us know the condition. If they are closed, no activities are allowed on them, including practices. You will hear from your manager or the EGGS board as soon as possible. Click the Locations menu for a listing of field locations.

Note: You do not play on all the fields listed.     

2018 Chicago Bandits Night with Elk Grove Girls Softball

Thank you to everyone that came to our annual Chicago Bandits night! For those of you that stayed to the end, here is our group photo. Enjoy!

More Softball Opportunities

Camps & Teams

Go and Watch a Game!

Note: These events are not sponsored by Elk Grove Girls Softball; however you are welcome to participate and/or form your own groups or teams.

If you know of any softball events around our area, please send information to Millie McLane at