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State of Elk Grove Girls Softball

By EGGS Board, 11/30/18, 3:30PM CST


State of Elk Grove Girls Softball - December 2018

Dear EGGS Families,

We hope this message finds all of you and your families doing well and staying healthy. Following the season that wasn't in 2020 we are excited to get back on the field in 2021. As you will read below some things will be different as we embark on the new season but we remain committed to moving the program forward in a way that ensures the health and safety of everyone involved while providing a good experience for the girls. Here is where things stand with the program as we head into 2021.


2021 EGGS Advisory Board Seated- As is the case every year we said goodbye to a couple of board members after the 2020 season and the Advisory Board for the 2020 Season has been installed. The new board is listed below but we would be wrong not to recognize the contributions of Michelle Langston and Chad Brunn who left the board this fall. Michelle served on the EGGS Board for an incredible 10 years, managed multiple teams while her daughters played in the program and was involved of every aspect of things over the years. Her contributions can't be overstated, and we can't thank her enough for her service. Chad Brunn served on the board for two years and was also a longtime house and FIRE manager while his daughter Lauren played in the program. Chad's contributions have been many over the years and we thank him for his service.

Here is your 2021 Board with email contact information:


President: Nick Moser

Commissioner: Jamie Andrade

Member At Large: Matt Smith

Treasurer: Melissa Wagner

Secretary: Maria Irizarry

Ways and Means: Jackie Fuentes

Promotions: Chrissy LaPenna

Equipment: Peter Kokenes

Fields: Jonathan Oddo

Officiating: Pat Kelly


Fall Ball A Great Success- For the first time EGGS ran Fall Ball out of Elk Grove in 2020. In total 57 girls competed across four levels of competition against nearby communities. After missing out on the spring season fall ball gave these girls a chance to compete this year. In all things were a tremendous success and we look forward to running Fall Ball again in 2021. Special thanks to those who managed, Nick Gbur (8U), Pat Kelly and Nick Moser (10U Red and Gold), Jeff Wagner (12U) and Jamie Andrade (14U).


Winter Training Cancelled For 2021- We had hoped that Winter Training would mark EGGS' return in early 2021 but the current state of COVID 19 in the area, restrictions on indoor gatherings and a lack of a usable facility have all combined to force us to cancel Winter Training for 2021. The EGGS Board is continuing to seek ways to get the girls instruction this winter and we will update you on opportunities we come up with as we go along. These may include instructional videos that we post to our website that the girls can follow at home or stand-alone clinics if facilities can be identified and restrictions on gatherings are loosened. These opportunities will remain fluid and we will keep everyone informed as we move forward.


Registration for the 2021 Season Opens December 1- While we are disappointed by the absence of our regular Winter Training Program, we are excited to announce that registration for the 2021 Season will open on December 1. We are very confident that by spring we will be able to launch the season. Any additional safety precautions with regards to COVID 19 will be taken and will have to be adhered to by everyone but based on the success we had in the fall we believe there will be a way to run the 2021 Season in a way that is very close to normal.

Discounted pricing for 2021 will be in place from December 1 through January 16. Registration can be completed in person at The Pavilion (assuming it remains open) or online at


New Spirit Wear Store is Online- As you have may seen through our many social media channels EGGS has launched a new line of spirit wear that can be purchased directly online and shipped to you. There are all kinds of new styles available. Check out the store here: Also, all orders placed before December 6 will receive 15% off with promo code EGGS15.


Your Feedback Is Encouraged- Our program grows and thrives in large part because of the feedback we get from everyone who is a part of it. Our Board Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm (8:00pm in April, May and June when we are in season) and are always open to the public. Right now, we are meeting via Zoom and when we meet in person, we do so at the Al Hattendorf Center. If you would like to attend a meeting via Zoom please reach out to President Nick Moser at for the link. If you have any other questions or comments that you do not want to raise at a meeting you can always reach out to any board member.


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Be Good To Each Other,

The EGGS Board


Dear EGGS Families,

We hope this finds all of you having had a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday with your families and having dug out from this weekend's snowstorm. We are reaching out to the EGGS Community today to let you know of some exciting changes for the program moving forward and also to address a couple of items that have been topics of public discussion recently. Think of it as an Elk Grove Girls Softball State of the Union if you will.

Now in the immortal words of our former President, "Let's get this party started":

What's New:

Skill Level Goals to be Established for All Divisions

The first priority for our program is to ensure that being a part of EGGS is a fun and rewarding experience for all of the girls. Right after having fun we do want to see all of the girls improve their skill level as the season progresses and we have often been asked by managers and families alike "are the girls at the level they should be at for their age". While there is no uniform answer to that question we are working to establish a set of performance goals for the girls in all divisions so that we have some way to measure their growth over the season. These goals will also be able to be used by Winter Training volunteers and the managers as teaching points to make sure that the girls are working on the right skills for each level and are better prepared for each season and advancement through our divisions. These will be informal in nature but our hope is that everyone will benefit from having a skill level guideline to work off of. We will be rolling these out at Winter Training and carrying them onto the regular season.

Standardized Rules and Improved Umpire Training

As many managers have noted in recent years the basic playing rules handed out to them before the season are inconsistent and outdated. To rectify this issue, we have established a Rules Committee amongst our Board who has been charged with coming up with a uniform set of rules that will replace all other versions of them that are out there. The uniform rules should eliminate confusion and make for a smoother experience for everyone as well as align our rules closer to other programs in the area to make a smoother transition if necessary.

Also, in 2019, we will be revamping our umpire training to ensure that our young people who umpire our games are put in the best possible position to succeed at their job and make the game more enjoyable and fair for the girls playing it. This has been a common critique of the program in recent seasons and we are committed to rectifying it to ensure everyone's continued enjoyment.


We also wanted to take this opportunity to discuss a couple of items that have been the topic of public discussion recently. These items are:

The Formal Merging of EGGS with the Elk Grove Park District

As some of you may know, until recently Elk Grove Girls Softball, and the other youth sports programs in Elk Grove, were their own entities and operated under an Affiliation Agreement with the Elk Grove Park District. This agreement was renewed annually by EGGS and the Park District and governed the relationship between the two entities. In early October of this year we were informed by the Park District that PDRMA, the liability insurance carrier of the Park District, had deemed the Affiliation Agreements insufficient to continue insuring the Park District beyond December 31, 2018. As a result, the Park District informed us that they would not be renewing the Affiliation Agreement with EGGS when it expired on December 31, 2018. This left EGGS with two choices:

  1. Formally merge with the Park District under a new Advisory Board Agreement which would replace the current Affiliation Agreement


  1. Declare EGGS independent from the Elk Grove Park District and have the program run as a standalone entity

Our board met with the Park District Board of Directors and amongst ourselves to discuss our options. During our meeting with the Park District it was made very clear to us by them that they do not envision any major changes in how our program is run and that the day to day management of the program would still be handled by our Board. The biggest change is that instead of our board operating with full autonomy we will now serve in an Advisory Board capacity where our decisions can be subject to greater Park District review and oversight if they see fit. There will also be some procedural changes to how we do things that will have no impact on the day to day operation of the program and should be invisible to the members of the program.

We did discuss the option or taking the program independent from the Park District but ultimately the benefits of continuing our relationship with the Park District outweighed any potential benefits of breaking away. After a few weeks of discussion on the matter our Board voted 10-0 to formally merge EGGS with the Elk Grove Park District under a new Advisory Board Agreement.

I want to strongly stress that we do not see this to be a "take over" by the Park District in any way, shape or form. Our Board asked many specific questions of the Park District and is confident that this will be a collaborative endeavor between us and them. While certain procedural aspects of our agreement remain fluid we are committed to working in good faith with the Park District to continue to run EGGS as it has always been run in the past.

The Potential Merging of EGGS with other Park Districts/Softball Programs

One of the biggest issues that we continue to grapple with is flat or declining enrollment in the program. As a Board we are being as proactive as possible on this issue and exploring different options to expand and enhance our program. One of the options we continue to explore is merging our program with other Park Districts or softball programs in the area. While our end of season survey indicated that merging with other associations would not negatively impact enrollment in the program our families were overwhelmingly opposed to traveling outside of a small area if we did merge. We continue to work diligently to find a balance to keep everyone happy.

We know that a number of Elk Grove families participated in the Roselle Fall Ball League and while a lot of the feedback we received was positive there were some who did not enjoy the experience and have expressed reservations about merging with them full time. Merging with this group would also mean travel over 10 miles at times, including during the week and would require us to reshape our divisions to be sorted by birthday and not school year which would be a significant deviation from our current practices. Ultimately the Board decided this league was not the best fit for us at this time.

We continue to reach out to other municipalities to gauge their interest in merging or at least adding a few games against other teams to break things up a little. We have reached out to Wood Dale/Itasca and Mount Prospect at this time and we will continue to explore these avenues and others. Continuing to grow the program to keep things fresh and exciting for the girls is a high priority for our Board and will continue to be. We also encourage all EGGS families to encourage other families in the Village with daughters to give softball a try as we would love nothing more than to see the program expand from within the community.

Registration is Open

Registration for Winter Training and the 2019 season is open at the Pavilion front desk. Our reduced registration rates for the 2019 season remain in effect until December 31. We encourage everyone to take full advantage of these rates and to please pass the word!

We Want To Hear From You

Our program benefits greatly from tremendous volunteer support but even if you are unable to volunteer your feedback is ALWAYS welcome and appreciated. Our Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm at the Al Hattendorf Center and are always open to the public. If you have any questions or concerns about the program please feel free to join us. Also, our meeting minutes are always available on our website for your review. If you have any program specific questions you can always email Commissioner Nick Moser at or any other board member. All board member contact information is available on the website.

With that we wish all of you the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons!

The EGGS Board